In search of my real identity

It’s been a year since I wrote my last article. I wasn’t quite sure at the moment why should I start blogging.

Maybe because of my English, my fear of not being good in what I’m doing. I don’t know. But, I do know that I like writing.

I like to form my thoughts into words. So, I started from the bottom-up.

I needed to know 3 things;

Why? What? and How?

Why do I want to write again?, What am I going to write about? and How am I going to write it?

I have learned this approach from Simon Sinek in his book “Start with Why?” – Worth reading.

I am a Tech guru who has a  Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering with over 4 years of Marketing experience. Also, just finished a Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree in Python with an interest in Data & Business  Analysis.

My articles will vary (almost) between Marketing and Tech stuff.

Thus, you shall expect educational, tips, personal experiences articles that will be covered here from time to time.

Thanks for taking time reading this article and looking forward having you again in the future.

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