5 tactics for a successful email marketing

Email marketing still a magic wand for many big companies around the globe. It’s robust. Whenever you want to transfer a client into a few amounts of cash, then email marketing will do it for you.

Here are a few tactics to improve your campaign succession

1. Create lists

It is important to understand the email content you’re sending and who are the recipients. To ensure that maximum campaign gaining. Let’s say you have music instruments shop and you are about to send an email about new stuff has arrived recently to your shop. It’s obvious, all your customers are musicians but not everybody interested in electric guitar or piano. But, you know who does and who doesn’t. So, segmentation is important to deliver the relevant marketing message to the right person. You’re not going to share your review about a new guitar has arrived at a piano enthusiastic. This is irrelevant and will cost you to go to spam at the end or nobody will open your email.

2. Template design

As a picture worth 100 words, so do designs. It’s the first element our eyes see when we surf the web. There are a few things you need to make sure of while designing your email template. First of all, it has to be mobile friendly. Recent studies have said that +60% of opened emails every day is through mobile phones. It has to be informative. Don’t put so much data while your audience is bothered and stuck in unwanted content. Support your content with pictures, this can be a key factor for referring your audience better than the attached content. Although, template design is important but there soothing is more important but still comes next.

3. Effective email subject

Yes, the design is important. But, what if I included an email subject can’t catch my audience. Then nobody will see the design. You have to make sure that your email subject is not lengthy. Marketers experts agreed that the subject line should be under 10 words and it should not have some kind of words like – FREE, SALE, etc. because that trigger the email spam engine and you will have a high percentage of ending up there.

4. Specific landing page

You need to take care where your visitors are going to land when clicking on a certain link. It depends on what kind of you’re sending them. Is it news, blog articles, products to buy or even subscription discounts, etc. You need to take care of it as it will be your major turning point for the customers. If we are selling “Is it enough to convince the visitor to buy?”, “Does it have the needed information” and so on.

5. Use analytics

This is where reality and anticipation can meet. Track every single element can be tracked in your email message. Links, Click-through rate, average session per user for landing pages, conversion rates. Anything can be trackable, track it and you won’t regret. Numbers will be turned into actions next time. It will help you to know customer behavior and as a result delivering personalized content.

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