5 applications for productivity you should use every day

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Productivity is important. In a busy world saving time and being productive become on demand. Yet, we are not forgotten. Thankfully to the techs that always try to offer what solve these issues every day with more functionalities.

And here are 5 applications for productivity I personally use every day;

#1 Todist

One of the best to-do list on the market. First, it is available everywhere, literally everywhere. On each platform, browser extensions, mobile apps everywhere. So, you will never miss to add and track your tasks and know your productivity chart on the app. Yeah, they have charts!

#2 Evernote

Whenever I want to take a note. It’s here for me. Taking daily fast notes never been easier than before. It has rich features like clipping web articles, emails some important documentation. It also allows you to take written/voice notes.


One of my favorite app here on the list. It saves the hassle of repetitive tasks or just become your personal assistant to just gather and do some light tasks for you. It offers so much of cards and options that allow you to create for example a Spotify list for each video you like on YouTube. Tell you when a story from a website you follow and has something interest for you.

#4 Pocket

Hundreds of thousands of articles are being published every day. With these competitive numbers, it’s hard to catch up and read all these useful articles when I stumble upon one. With pocket, you no longer need to miss out one of these important articles anymore to read later. It is perfectly handy in doing this job.

#5 Slack

It is important to keep in touch with colleagues and coworkers, etc. Social Networks are not occupational so far. However, Facebook is trying with their service @Work. But, Slack is for gurus who want to communicate to get things done. No need for other distortion to interrupt.

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